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Parallel to our developing and expanding agricultural potential, the need for agricultural machinery suitable for today's technology is constantly increasing.

Our company, which was established to produce agricultural machinery, continues its efforts to continuously improve, increase productivity and minimize production costs by keeping up with the development of technology in agriculture, with a management approach that puts customer satisfaction above all else.

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Our company continues to successfully contribute to the progress of the country's agriculture with its prudent, participatory, innovative and experienced managers and technical staff, widespread distribution network and conscious customers, who closely follow the technological developments in the agricultural machinery sector.

Our Mission

To put into service the results of our sharings which will ensure the happiness of our shareholders to our country, society and humanity

Our Vision

To be a leader manufacturer with our basic values and our products with international standards in our area in agricuture machinery sector, to be a powerful, esteemed, examplary company in our country, to be a role player who is not to be unmindful to developments of global economy


Our Brands

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